Tuscan Garden Wedding

I met Sinead on a rainy London lunchtime in February, a very far removed scene from her late summer wedding in Tuscany.
Sinead was in some ways very particular about the design of her wedding dress, and in others ways completely unsure. This is completely normal for so many brides looking to create a bespoke wedding dress (or even if you’re looking for RTW actually!). It can sometimes seem like your wedding dress has to have all the details in the world to make it special, but it really doesn’t at all. Even the simplest idea can be the most special, if that’s what you choose!
What I do remember, is that Sinead was very certain that the dress should be very slim and stream-lined, with an all-over lace design - which doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand, but I used a fine silk with a slight stretch which had a ‘heavy’ drape - meaning that the fabric drops straight to the floor, and not that the dress is heavy. The stretch fabric also reduces creasing on the hips as the body moves, and the fabric is still predominantly silk, so still has a beautiful sheen and feel. The lace over-lay is the finest lace, and appliqued with large bold french lace roses.
The bodice is based on a strong and sheer tulle, and again layered with both a fine lace and bolder lace roses, and was opaque enough to be modest over the bust area.
The front neckline is quite plunging, as well as the back neckline being low to the waistline too, which can mean extra tweaks at each fitting to make sure that the straps stay firmly on the shoulders.

While the neckline is very plunging, and the silhouette very slim the dress is less about being overtly sexy, but more about being comfortably elegant in the Italian warmth.