Pink and Taupe wedding dress for Country Wedding

Lizzie and Ben were married at the height of Summer, yet her earthy colour palette translates beautifully for all through the year!

Lizzie always knew that she didn’t want an ivory dress, or a typical bridal gown, originally suggesting greens, taupes, and pinks.
Like many brides, Lizzie had quite a few contrasting ideas about the style of her dress, torn between what a bride ‘should’ wear, what would suit her and what she wanted. It’s always so important to wear exactly what you want so you can feel your best on your wedding day!

Quite early on while designing for Lizzie, I found a pink beaded mesh lacd which was just perfect, and we chose a frosted almond  shade of french chiffon to contrast. Then, magically, a faceted beaded trim appeared in a London trimmings boutique with a combination of mauve and greens that Lizzie had originally thought to incorporate. Eventually, we added a double looped dusky velvet bow to the back waist too, which I’m always pleased about because they’re one of my favourite things!!
To break up the geometric pattern of the beaded mesh lace I crushed and snipped away the beads and sequins so that it looked more textured and organic, rather than too regimented.

The design that we decided on was to make a corseted bodice with a low back, with moulded, capped sleeves that sit just on the tip of the shoulder. A secret silicone strap attaches the two sleeves together and stops them falling of the shoulders.
Because of the cut of the sleeves, and the attachment to the corseted bodice without compromising the shape of the neckline, this style of sleeve can be restrictive when throwing some shapes on the dance floor. Having fun was really important to Lizzie (obviously!), so the sleeves were hand-stitched to the bodice meaning that they could be removed easily for the evening reception.
The skirts, simply flowing layers of silk satin and french chiffon.

So with floral crown placed upon her head, a sparkling gold Rachel Simpson shoe peeking from beneath her skirt, and huge smile Lizzie looked just stunning on her wedding day!

Photography by Paul Whaley