Modern Vintage Bride

Once again, as I scroll through the photographs I have been sent from a bride, it’s always so difficult to choose which to share. Camilla is a photographer herself, and with a whole host of photographer friends, must now be the most photographed bride the East of England has seen!
Official photographer credentials go to Mathew Quake, who offered his services even before the engagement!

Camilla contacted me quite soon after her engagement with very clear ideas for the gown that she wanted.
The silhouette of the dress is modern, fitted to the body, under the bottom, and the hips with a pointed yoke at the front, yet the draped pleated details on the bodice, skirt and sleeves give a certain vintage style. With a dress such as this with very clean lines, the positioning of the seams and the fall of the drape is very important in flattering the wearer, perfecting the drape and inserting into the seams, tweaking and tinkering with the folds of the pleats to make sure that they stayed in place throughout the day. A textured grosgrain ribbon in a subtly contrasting colour is placed around the waist.

A very important element to the outfit was the family heirloomveil, an Edwardian hand-embroidered lace veil that is possibly one of the most delicate and amazing pieces of antique lace I’ve ever seen. The colour of the Italian silk crepe was selected especially to complement the antiqued lace, a luxurious smooth champagne tone. I was just so pleased to be able to work with such a beautiful item!

A removable train was attached to the hem of the skirt for the purpose that the juxtaposition of the antique lace against the veil against the specially selected crepe colour would not be ruined. The extension was then removed so that Camilla could wander among her guests with a much more manageable train length.

I truly love this dress that I have made for Camilla, a bespoke wedding gown is so much more, and for me at least, it’s a reflection of all the lovely things and reasons for getting married, and all the little stories that a bride has shared with me.

Photographs by Mathew Quake and Neil Denham