Ultra-Daring Sheer Celestial Gold Lace and Crystal Dress

A dress design that had several reincarnations before arriving here - it’s just such a shame that most of us only get to have one wedding gown huh!?

The original design was almost the total opposite of this, with a large and layered organza skirt, square corsetted neckline and poofy sleeves, and gradually piece by piece the dress was entirely different, until we had a slim fitting dress, with a funnel neck and long slim sleeves.

Emmie commissioned Luna Mae to create a soft pink, silk one-piece corset body with an 18th century-style shape, which dictated the shape and fit of our dress somewhat.
Emmie found the perfect gold lace at Joel and Son’s in London which was THE find of the year. It was a little brassy in colour at first, so we dyed the lot in a bath of tea to take the edge off. We then embroidered with an elaborate design of bronze and gold beads and sequins following the outlines of the floral motifs and swirling borders of the lace design. The centres of the flowers were encrusted with clusters of pearls, and Swarovski beads, pearls and clasped crystals in pinks, peach, gold and iridescent Aurora Borealis. Elsewhere, we trailed vines of gold beads and hanging paillettes for extra light reflection, and well as pieces of broken vintage crystal jewellery, and diamante stars and moons

Emmie saw some beaded motifs in Soho, which were really great as a starting point for some hair pieces, but we completely transformed them adding some gold lace, crystal tones from the dress in gold and pink, as well as some of the broken jewellery, and I found a pair of vintage golden swallows which I was able to attach too. Each was attached to Emmie’s hair, holding it back behind the ears framing her face as her tousseled hair fell down her back.

The dress originally had a nude lining, but we cut it out - the night before the wedding!! Haha!

A white veil was too stark paired with the gold lace, so we dyed a length of veiling tulle in a slightly Miss Haversham-esque, dusty golden tone, to which the remaining beaded gold lace border was embroidered to the trailing edge, and to the blusher edge.

Emmie married at The Ned in London, an amazing, multi-faceted hotel. And photographer Damien Milan traveled all the way from Australia, via Europe to photograph the day in such stunning style. I’m so happy to be able to share these images of the bride in her outfit with you. (More images seen here.)