Romantic silk dress embroidered with lace with a Detachable Pink Over-Skirt

It’s getting increasingly harder to write these posts without getting a little bit gushy about my brides, so I’ll try to be brief!

I always say, that it’s easiest to design and make dresses for the women who I get on with best, we share the same ideas and style, we’re on the same page!
Laura was a dream client, we could laugh an natter, and I could make cheeky suggestions - about having a pink over-skirt complete with metallic pink leather belt - and then she suggested pink crystals too!! Woo hoooooo!!
Pink is not my be all and end all (although it seems like it these days!), but I love when things are off-beat and unexpected.

From the beginning Laura’s vision was clear; a bias cut ivory dress, with a blouson chiffon over-top with low-back, and a removable over skirt - which changed the whole look by adding a bit of volume.

The pink of the organza over-skirt is actually so subtle you’d barely even realise, and it’s embroidered with snippets of Guipure lace and laser-cut daisies which match the lace embroidery on the chiffon bodice. A late edition was to add a pearl spattered mesh to the shoulders too!
The pink metallic belt is a personal favourite feature of mine (I’d make everybody have one if I could!) is made by bespoke shoe designer Marsha Hall (website link below).

Laura and Adam married in Spain in a place which just looks magical! The photographs are all credited to Claudia Rose who did an amazing job!