Vintage style Green Wedding Dress for Hackney Wedding

Bride Becky is a Womenswear designer herself (working for one of my fave high street brands, no less), so to be asked to design her wedding dress, and be given so much trust in it’s detail was wonderful!

Becky had already chosen her shoes when we first met, a central piece - golden green satin court shoes with a chunky gold glitter heel (literally amazing!)
I guess you could say that the pale sage green that we chose for the fabric of the dress was a it of a colour clash - but it was one of those good kinds of clash that I love to take part in!
We looked at lots of vintage inspirations, we were wanting to do a modern take on something with a little bit of 1920′s style, and lots of beading!
For the under bodice, I wanted to be quite daring with a very deep ‘V’ and an angular neckline, which would be overlaid with the softer boat neck of the slightly sheer, beaded georgette. It proved quite difficult to shape over the bust, but we cracked it in the end! I dyed a pretty piece of rose lace too, to match the sage green, and hold the neckline together, and play down the cleavage.
Becky had found some vintage lace motifs to use as inspiration for the beading design, and they worked perfectly! I had a vintage deco dress clip laying around my workshop which was waiting for the right project, which we used as a central piece on the waistband. We were really lucky to have Becky’s contacts at her design workplace to produce the bead work for the dress, so instead I produced samples, and got my colouring pens out in order to draw out detailed layouts, which was really fun! The main motifs were roses and leaves, with scattered rain drops falling from the neckline and down the skirts. Across the bodice, the design ran diagonally, highlighting the more dramatic neckline of the under bodice. The back opened in a keyhole design with two long beaded crystal tassels hanging down.
The beads we chose to embroider onto the green georgette were antiqued silver glass beads, and the motifs highlighted with grey Swarovski crystals. Crystal daisies were also embroidered in pink, grey and khaki. I loved adding the hint of pink - another little twist!
Becky had also chosen a boxy vintage fur jacket from Sally Lacock, to which we had the last minute idea to add a spare motif to so that it lay asymmetrically over one shoulder, and she wore a handcrafted jeweled headpiece made of strings of beads and vintage brooches.

The slightly clashy colours Becky chose for her wedding were just my absolute favourite! From the chartreuse and gold shoes, to the orangey corals in her bouquet, and the sage green of her dress, to the deep pink lipstick, even the vintage toned brown suit worn by the groom Edd, and the teal and gold tones of Hackney Town hall, all was captured perfectly by the talented Glasgow Photographers Gillian and Christopher Currie