Colourful winter wedding

I was so excited to meet Kelly at our first consultation, she was already brimming with ideas, and slightly outrageous ones at that (Kelly is an amazing fashion journalist!!) There was talk of leather, feathers, lots of colour and transformation …
Kelly imagined that she would peel back the layers of the outfit to reveal new details, but I had to step in and be a little boring … though having a bit of a show to strip off one skirt to reveal another is fabulous … in reality, wearing 3 skirts at once is not going to be comfortable, and the under-layers may get a bit wrinkled. So instead, we decided that a capsule wedding wardrobe would work best with lots of details to link them together and Kelly arranged for a dressing room at her venue so she could make her quick changes throughout the evening.
Kelly’s first look was actually a pair of silk pyjamas, as the drinks reception was held before the vows and Kelly didn’t want to reveal her wedding outfit too soon.

Kelly’s outfit to walk down the aisle at Spennymoor Town Hall, is a fishtailed ivory feather skirt with a small train, studded with Swarovski crystals in pale shades of silk and moonshine. Kelly wanted to add lots of bright colours into the outfits, and we chose to line the feather skirt in a yellow silk, which was reference to the colour of the kitchen work surface at the home she owns with her husband. This sounds a little unusual admittedly, but it made sense to me - a reference not just to a kitchen work surface, but to their first home together and all the little decisions they would make together no matter how big or small. I embroidered two tabs also so that the front of the hem could be lifted and held to reveal the yellow.
Kelly wanted to maintain as subtle a look as is possible in gold and feathers, but the back more of a statement.  We chose the fabrics for the jacket together after a little shopping trip in London, a gold lurex-type fabric for the front, a purple twill for the funnel collar, and a deep purple and gold brocade for the back. The Jacket was made in a raglan style, which I always think is so flattering in cut, the body of the jacket was slightly trapezed, and rose up at the front to make sure Kelly’s tiny waist was still emphasized. The front needed to be quite clean, and so the fastening was at the back, and closed with secret magnets in serted in the seams. The collar, neckline, shoulders and hem were embroidered with chunky Swarovski crystals in bright colours.
Kelly wore her own Alexander McQueen belt, which suited perfectly!

Taking off the jacket revealed a perforated leather top. The leather was purple, and the sheen white, and the rim of each perforation has gold edging, the leather was then lined with a deep orange silk, which also reflected through the perforations.
The back was cut away in a revealing diamond shape, fastening at the back neck, and at the waist. I love the cut on the shoulder too, which is super flattering.
The neckline was also heavily embroidered with Swarovski crystals.

Then next look was to change into a silk crepe satin skirt in blush. We had trouble choosing between the crepe and satin side, so we used both, the side panels being matte crepe, and the front and back being satin. Kelly mentioned fringing, and we knew it was this skirt that would take it, emphasising the cut of the skirt on the hips, with some ivory and gold ombre fringing. There were also ‘patch pockets’ which were stiffened and curved away from the body and lined in a deep pink silk. The top edge of the pocket lined with Swarovski crystals.
We also made an addition the the top by adding sleeves which snapped onto the top. The shoulders were still exposed with an avant garde wrap of leather, and a cute organza puffed sleeve on the bottom, finished with a blue ribbon bow.

The final change was a knee length flared dancing skirt in cream wool crepe. The front was decorated with swirls and clusters of Swarovski crystals, and pockets mirroring the cut of the skirt were edged with feathers and fringing from the previous skirts. The hem, was very cool, if I may say so, using laser cut leather feathers which we designed commissioned specially for the outfit. These were embroidered at the hem like tassels which would swing when dancing. Amongst the leathers were yet more crystals! The skirt was also lined in a deep pink silk.

Kelly’s first sculptural headpiece is by a milliner called Emma Yeo, made from laser cut sheet metal.
Her website is here

I really love Kelly’s wedding pictures, by Holden and Jones, they’re so reflective of all the colour and fun that Kelly and Simon wanted at their wedding!