Tropical Beach Bride and Underwater Wedding Portraits

What do I say when a bride wants to (in part) design her dress around an underwater wedding photo shoot in Fiji? Hell yes! ( I later found out it was called a 'trash the dress' photo shoot - eeek!)

So, while we had the photo shoot in mind, we didn't want to be entirely lead, and ultimately, the dress had to be perfect for the ceremony above all else.
Many of the inspirations that Donna showed me were of deconstructed dresses (antique dresses that were falling apart - in a really beautiful way!) - so to re-create this look, I used a mixture of chiffon and tulle strips, as well as raw silk ribbons, gathered and draped, giving an asymmetric look.
Donna once mentioned something about a spiders web, and as if by magic - I found a piece of lace with webs in the design, this was partly hidden underneath some of the chiffon layers, meaning that as Donna moved and ruffled the layers of her skirt, new pieces were revealed.
Given that Donna was marrying in a beach-side ceremony, the bodice was embroidered with clusters of pearls, pearlescent sequins and vines of coral-like flowers and lace which scattered organically onto the skirts too.

Donna's Photographers Lia and Stu did an amazing job of capturing some gorgeous moments from the wedding day. Below are some of the amazing shots of the just married couple diving among corals in their wedding outfits. Isn't that just unbelievable!!!

Charlotte Hardwick