Golden Ethereal 1930's Wedding Dress

Kari’s first emails to me immediately caught my attention and I knew that I would love to make her dress for her; ‘sparkle’ and ‘glitter’ were mentioned quite few times, as well as wanting a dress that was ethereal with a 1920′s edge.

We chose pale gold silks in crepe satin and fine chiffon. The chiffon, embroidered with entangled vines on sparkling beads and sequins in champagne and ivory with tiny navette-shaped crystals for an extra shimmer.

The waist belt, by contrast is a pale sage-green velvet ribbon, embroidered with beaded lace, french knots, ribbon roses and a vintage porcelain brooch all in deep pink and red shades. My all-time favourite colour combinations is gold, pale green and pink - and it was all Kari’s request without any suggestion from me, so I knew Kari was my kinda girl!

Kari’s wedding photo’s are by London Photographer Junior Agyeman.