Chiffon Halter Wedding dress with daring thigh-split

Eve’s dress was originally based on one that I designed for Louise, but the dress developed into something entirely different with Eve’s own style and inspirations, and also her confidence as the design progressed. In the end, the only thing we kept from that design was the split to show off Eve’s amazing legs!

Eve has Cystic Fibrosis and receives medicine through a port just below her collar bone, so really that was our only ‘thing to think about’, but it turned out that it didn’t really impose anyway, and it was quite easy to cut a natural line around it anyway (we wouldn’t have wanted it to look clumsy just for the sake of covering the port!).
The original design that we were looking to (for Louise), had a raglan sleeve, but deciding to omit the sleeves, we still followed the live of that raglan into a halter style bodice, which had a chiffon over layer, embroidered in segments with different pieces of Guipure lace in feathers and leaves and flowers.
The back of the dress had two triangular chiffon drapes with an opening in the middle to which I attached two tassels made of silk ribbon and embroidered the ends with mother of pearl shell beads.

The skirt was kept fitted, and flowing and simple, with the exception of some scattered lace embroidery on the hem, and at Eve’s request I stitched the date of her wedding too.

All photographs are taken by extremely lovely Suffolk wedding photographer Neal Laver.