Textured Blush Wedding dress for a multicultural wedding

Rekha wanted for her dress to have lots of texture and interest and movement, but for the overall look to be very slim, and not too overwhelming for her petite figure - ordinarily quite a contrast in wishes!

The bodice, we designed quite quickly, using a pale golden blush silk as a base and layering with a silvery grey mesh embroidered with glass beads, sequins and crystals. This was then overlaid with a delicate Chantilly lace, which thee motifs were cut from and appliquéd, narrow frills were cut from a matching blush chiffon and pleated and embroidered in an organic way all over the bodice. The frills were very sheer, so all the details from the lace and crystals, though more subtle were still visibly reflecting through the chiffon.

We added fine, and narrow satin shoulder straps, to which lace and an escaped frill grew up and over the shoulder with the addition of vintage lace daisies, asymmetrically on either side, for a more considered, couture feel.

We experimented quite a lot with textured ideas for the skirt, scrunching and draping and layering, but ultimately we wanted a smooth silhouette for the skirt. The skirt was eventually made in a circular style with soft pleating at the waist creating a little texture without volume. Sheer chiffon panels were inserted into the waist which crossed over at the front hips and draped towards the back, which cascaded into soft chiffon frills to the hem.
Some of the narrow frills from the bodice were draped and twisted, organically at different lengths onto the hips of the skirt, to connect the two together. Chantilly lace motifs were embroidered both on top and underneath the shear skirt layers and drapes for subtle variation in the depth of the decoration, as well as scattered glass bead for a hint of light reflection.
The waist was finished with a soft pink/taupe gros grain ribbon with just a hint of metallic thread running through it.

Working with Rekha was so lovely, I’m so pleased I got to make her dress for her.
The pretty images seen here from Rekha and Matt’s wedding day are by Anne Schwarz.