Forties-style wedding dress with a seventies boho twist

When Gina initially spoke to me about her inspirations for her wedding dress she was talking about Thirties and Forties era styling with a Seventies Boho twist, and I think we nailed it!
Having a curvy hourglass figure, the Forties era isn’t naturally suited to Gina’s figure, but having a bespoke dress made, we can do almost anything!!

A triangular lace contrast panel down the front of the bodice gives a Forties Vamp feel, and chiffon bell sleeves time-travel between the Forties and Seventies.
The back of the bodice is low, but we built in a lace panel to that Gina could wear the brassiere she was most comfortable in.
The colour for Gina’s dress took a few weeks to decide. Gina wanted a vintage tone, and with pale skin and dark hair we were looking a warmer tones. There were quite a few silk that were a good colour match and I think we both always had a favourite - except it was called Beige! It looked perfect with a Sable coloured chiffon laid over the top, a rich, pale creamy champagne!
The curved waistband (which is so flattering on every figure!), is embroidered with two lace designs, mainly daisies and leaves and subtly dotted with tiny glass vintage seed beads.
The skirt skims over the hips and flares gently into a softly dramatic shape, a smoother drop at the front, and a little more shape in the back.
The hem has lace embroidered growing organically in tentrils of daisies and leaves, which finishes off the seventies vibe.

Gina and John Married at Godwick Great Barn in Norfolk (where you get a tractor ride! Fun huh!?), and their beautiful photographs we taken by Rob Ward