Boho Wedding Dress with Hints of Blue.

Writing about Laura’s wedding dress has been really difficult, mostly because we had such a fab time designing and making Laura’s dress, that I’ve become very fond of this insanely sweet and chatty girl, and that has somehow made it hard! We had a real ‘journey’ together, along with Laura’s Mother Sara.
In fact, Laura and her Mum had a bit of a journey together before I came along even, trawling wedding dress shops, and never quite finding the one.
Laura is a Festival Bride, and a bride that blogs about being a Festival Bride on the award-winning blog, Festival Brides, along with co-founder and bridesmaid Kelly, so I think she found increased pressure to find a dress that was perfect for her day.
After showing me a range of inspirations of details that she wanted from her dress, we made a design pretty quickly, and that was that really! I just had to create it!
Every visit from Laura and Sara was so lovely, we could be so honest about our likes and dislikes, which is so important when you’re making or commissioning such a special item and so closely involved in creating it.
The original idea for Laura’s dress was that it would have a boned bodice with a floaty skirt, and that the blouson chiffon jacket could be removed for the evening of dancing, but I think that she loved it so much, she didn’t want to take it off!
We chose 2 different french lace designs, from which I painstakingly snipped each tiny flower, daisy and leafy vine and embroidered to the chiffon skirts in a pyramid design, front and back. A similar cascading design was embroidered to the epaulettes and back of the chiffon jacket, and the scalloped trim removed from the lace and applied to the edge of the jacket too. Finer strands of the lace vines were embroidered to the boned bodice of the dress to disguise the seam lines. The idea was that the vines would appear to grow organically from the waistline, not uniformed, but growing wild.
The waistband was made of matching lace, but instead, the two different lace designs were layered and pieced and collaged together, so that it was quite organic, but the effect was much more dense that the rest of the embroidery on the dress.
Laura had also dreamed of a Juliette Veil that would also be embroidered with vines of lace and daisies scattered down the edging, it is so beautiful, even if I say so myself. Laura wore her veil all day too, which made me very happy and satisfied that I’d doe a beautiful job! To highlight the lace design, Laura wanted to add some colour, but nothing too blingy. She wanted to use blue stones, and I recommended that we should use a range of blue crystal beads, from vibrant to light, and in different sizes too, so that look like little brush-strokes of crystals. Every single bead on Laura’s Dress and veil has been chosen and placed individually to create the right effect. (As fate would have it, Bob was left in charge of his own wedding outfit - and he chose blue all by himself!!)
To see Laura’s beaming smile in every single photograph is overwhelmingly lovely! I so enjoyed our visits, that I wish we could do it all over again!

My gorgeous MUA friend Sabrina was in attendance to over-see the make-up looks.

Cotton Candy Photographers Gem and Phil are the makers of the lovely images displayed here!