Celestial Bride in Daring Sheer Gold Sequin and Crystal dress

What to say about Christine? She has THE MOST infectious laugh, an exquisite eye for detail (she’s a brilliant designer and artist herself!!, that hair … that figure!!! So her dress had a lot to live up to!

Christine started a Pinterest board for me, and each new inspiration was a winner! Sparkles and sequins in gold, and dripping in jewels and glitter.

Most brides perhaps aren’t as daring as Christine (though there’s been a few), as we decided to go for a sheer look, with some awesome high-waisted knickers from For Love And Lemons in a golden nude tone, a high thigh split and a very daring plunging v-neck - front and back! (Christine promised me she’d get busy with the allure tape to save both our blushes!)
The back of the bodice, though low and plunging, is held together (and on the shoulders), using vintage necklaces and chains, some of which are family treasures, and some from vintage and antiques markets.

The gold metallic mesh for the dress was designed and commissioned by us to have a web of beads and sequins woven all over in sparkling gold and silver. The same beads were embroidered to exaggerate the seams that starburst from the waist, showing off Christine’s figure. The skirts flow from the hips into a small train.

We played for a while with the idea of layered fringing on the skirts, which gave an entirely different feel. Eventually we decided to make the fringing an evening look, with removable strips at the hips. The fringing was originally silver, but I tea-stained it and magically it turned a beautiful mink colour.

Christine married in Italy surrounded by lots of beautiful details that she created and conjured herself. Her simply stunning photographs were taken by Leila Scarfiotti, who is based in Italy but travels worldwide. Her website is here www.leliascarfiotti.com
Leila was so great, she even sent a request for a veil for the bride because she thought it would look great in the photographs, and they certainly do!!! Eeeeek!