Wedding in a bath anyone!?

Nic is somebody who I can take inspiration from, she has the fashion guts I wish I have lost, or at least that the practicalities of working with machinery and crawling on my hands and knees has taken away from me when I choose clothes for my self. (Don’t worry guys, I can still design and make a wild dress for ya’ll, I just might not be wearing similar dress to work!) So, If I remember rightly, there was some peach, glitter, some bright multi-colour faux-fur and maybe a hoodie and definitely some cool shoes - she was all about the shoes - whatever she wore, she looked clashingly cool - every time I saw her - and I knew she’d be great fun to work for!

Nic and Ant’s wedding was to be a Mexican riot of colour set in the Victoria Baths in Manchester - quite a clash of cultures - that actually, you could almost be fooled into thinking that Nic’s wedding outfit is reasonably traditional!

Now, I can’t remember which came first - the shoes or the dress design - but Nic came sporting THE most amazing pair of Sophia Webster shoes - a candy cane heel, and striped platform, and an appliqued leopard spot toe strap covered in multi-coloured patent leather flowers. They are the shoe of dreams, and had to be seen!
Nic chose to have bridal separates, partly so that we could have a skirt change - which I was super keen on because it involved fringing!!
The top, was made in a chorded lace with a deep decorating scalloped trim. Long sleeves and a round neck, the top was kind of cropped - it was cut to the waist where the skirt would sit, so that it would show off a little midriff when moving, but not overtly so.
A last minute addition was the little bralette worn underneath. Originally Nic was going to wear a nude bra, but last minute we decided it was not right, and the bralette although made super quick, ended up being a really cute shape on Nic.

The ceremony skirt was made in a circular style from thick organza and embroidered with chorded lace to match to bodice. The hem dips high to low at the back, just skimming the floor, and embroidered with a scalloped edge.

The party skirt, I was extra excited about, I LOVE fringing!! The silk layer was cut in a fitted column style to the ankle, with a split at the back to allow for walking. The main direction of the fringing was that it would spiral downwards to the hem, also creating a sort of jagged scallop effect at the hem. Two different lengths were interspersed at random intervals hanging straight to break up the rigidity and formality of the diagonal lines. Of course, this skirt was twinned (or rather octupletted), with an array of quirky fluro-studded shoes.

Nic rocks, and so did her wedding!!

Photo’s by Mike and Tom Photo