Sunny January Wedding in New Zealand

Kate was returning home to New Zealand after 4 years to marry her fiancé, so she needed to impress, but also, in a sense, remind her family and friends who she was. Kate’s dress style is relatively effortless, allowing her natural beauty to shine through, but we also added pretty little hints of detail - it iswedding dress after all!

Kate wanted a slim fitting crepe skirt, which we cut on the bias at the front (eliminating seams as it molds to the figure), and on the straight grain at the back to that we could add more shaping to the back waist and bottom.
All the way down the back skirt and train, we embroidered Swarovski pearls wound with gold thread, giving the illusion of buttons. (I overlapped and pressed the back seam too, to make them look like real buttons holding the fabric together, rather than buttons on a flat sewn seam - I didn’t want to button all the way along for real as I thought it could look a bit messy and lumpy with all the intricacies of creating button holes on a soft fabric).
The bodice had a fitted internal lining, and a blouson over layer in white chiffon embroidered with lace. The lace was really pretty with a scalloped edge, daisies, and what I thought looked like Sweet Pea pods (my favourite!) The lace was embroidered with a mix of pearls in various sizes, subtle from afar, but an extra depth when up close.

Kate was blessed with a beautiful day in New Zealand (which I hear can be just as unpredicatable as England!). I love Kate’s wedding style, from her pastel florals to her touseled auburn crop!

All photos are by destination Wedding photographer Rambo Estrada