Whimsical Silver Wedding Dress

Now, how can my own words compare to those wonderful and whimsical ones that belong to Sara Tasker (aka @meandorla).
I was so flattered that an Instagram queen would even wanted to talk to me, let alone ask me to make her wedding dress! (eeeek, - I'm being a fan-girl!).

So, I met Sara at the Hoxton Hotel while she was in London for a business trip and we talked through her inspirations from her Pinterest board.
She'd once found a dress, years before that her memory would not let go of, a tattered vintage cotton dress, ragged in the most beautiful, almost intentional sense. (She writes about "The one that got away" here).

Although the dress was long gone, and probably in hindsight, not as perfect as it had once seemed, the dress became the inspiration, despite my not having actually ever having seen the dress! I could imagine it, and the spirit that it evoked. Muted tones, petal-like layers and lightly ruffled edges, deconstructed in an natural and organic way (but with some secret sense of order).

Sara's dress was actually made as a top and a skirt with the intention that a knitted jumper could be tucked in casually for an evening look, but the August evening didn't require it.
The cupped, corset-style bodice was in platinum silver silk, and covered in layers of fine metallic silver Chantilly lace from various designs, embroidered over with rows of vintage silver glass beads, crystals and pearls. Layers of diamond shaped tulle rose from the centre of the neckline, and edged with stitch and glass beads for subtle detail and effect.

The skirt waistband was curved upwards, which I think is both sweet and flattering. The skirt was was just about knee-length in layers of white tulle and silk, and dipped down at the back hem, following the line of the waistband. A last minute addition was an extra tulle frill edging the waistband with a fine line of beads.

Sara was having an 'Un-Wedding' (read about it here) - which meant no fomalities, and no veil! But, since the dress was short to allow for maximum frolicking, a little bit of drama was required for the entrance.
We decided and kind of flouncy, soft and flowing cape would do the job! Each side was in two halves, a layered butterfly sleeve over each shoulder in soft grey textured chiffon, meeting in the middle and trailing on the ground.
Asleep one night, I dreamed of a magical and beautiful rose gold mesh - and the next day, I found a silver version in London that was perfect for Sara's cape, which became a middle layer under the chiffon. At the hem of the cape twisted strips of chiffon, tulle and lace were embroidered and a pretty tangle, for that "dragged through a hedge but still look fabulous' kind of look.

In her hair, Sara wore a silver lace and crystal piece which matched the laces from her dress.
Also, she had little floral buds from her Florist - Firenza Flowers, which reminded me of the swallows she mentions flying over head as their ceremony commenced.

Sara married in a cow-shed, would you believe! Trust me though, it was fabulous!! Go check for yourself!!

As I mentioned before, Sara is Instagram royalty, a beautiful photographer with gift for beautiful words. She now has a Podcast (Hashtag Authentic) which I'm totally addicted to, even if it's for hearing her lovely Yorkshire accented voice.

These beautiful photographs were by Melia Melia

Any gorgeous florals that you spy have been created by Firenza Floral Design