Blush Tulle Wedding dress for and Autumnal Barn wedding

One of the most exciting things that somebody can say to me is that they don’t want a white wedding dress! (yes!!!) Paige showed me several examples of the things that she liked and which I loved too!

Important for Paige was the overall feel of the dress, after having booked Anna from Bianco Photography (link) who is known for painting a picture with her photography  … something I can’t quite articulate, something a little deeper in the images that invites you inside, the right balance between documentary and editorial, which is rather clever!
In particular, Paige wanted a fine layered tulle skirt, but that wasn’t 'princessy' or overly-flared, with just a tiny train,
The dress is cut to fit the body over the waist and hips and bottom, and the pinky/nude silk is layered with a silver spiders web mesh for texture.
Originally we were trying hard to find a geometric lace, but also something that had a bit of an organic flow to it, but nothing ever really worked out. And finally, Paige felt that lace really wasn’t for her, After trawling lots of inspirations, an idea finally took root! I managed to source giant faceted ellipse shapes, but they were a little too silver, so I wrapped the majority of them in a chiffon meaning that the interest of the cuts and facets was still visible, and actually emphasised with a new depth to them. I kept a few silver for variation.
I also found some cool sequins in the same size and shape, which were clear, but has a really unusual texture. When creating bead work and embroidery, variation is key to making something look rich and luxurious, I feel!
The larger ellipse shapes mapped out the direction of the overall pattern, creating leafy vines, and sculpting the figure into a nipped in waist, both on the hips and over the top of the bodice too.
Scattered and dispersed were lots of other ellipse shapes in differing sizes, as well as ‘leather-effect’ sequins, which essentially became off shoots, and flowering buds of the larger vines, but not quite so literally!

The neckline kept a modest and flattering v-shape at the bust, and a more plunging ‘V’ to the waistline at the back. The waistline was finished with a fine belt of silver beads embroidered into a chervron pattern.

I hope you really love this dress as I do! Paige and John married in my home county of Suffolk, at the same venue that my brother and his wife chose a few summers ago (See their wedding here) Haughley Park Barn. I was really nice to see the venue in a different season!
Anna’s photo’s lived up to expectation too! A link to her website is here