Freezing flowers

I hate to waste anything, every last petal and teeny tiny flower.
The garden needs cutting back so they can bloom and flourish to their full potential throughout their season, before they go to seed and their work in complete for the year.

I cut these [rose, echinacea, delphiniums, geranium, marigold ] from the garden to make a sweet bunch for my kitchen table, but naturally I will want them for a dye project too.

There’s not quite enough to make an impact in a dye bundle, and also I don’t have time to dye every time there’s a harvest of colourful blooms.

So my secret, is to freeze them! I’ve taken up a whole compartment of the freezer with petals, and so far no complaints from my boyfriend!

Freezing actually works to the advantage of enhancing the release of colour from the flowers, because the moisture in the petals expands and breaks down the structure, releasing the pigment more freely.

Just magic!

It’s something little hands can help you to do, sorting colours and making potions for another day!

Charlotte HardwickComment